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the remaining fourth relating to things happening without his
knowledge, from his Mends and well-wishers, (Having acquired
knowledge) in this manner, if he carries on the government
without anger and cruelty in meting out punishment he can
rule (the earth) without difficulty for a long time,              (37)
A king, while enjoying pleasures (bhogas), should watch
his internal and external foes), even as the bear which sleeps
on the top of the tree closes only one eye, keeping the other
open.                                                                               (38)
Gifts of money and of villages made from love of learning
to the Ikiksus. and the ascetic? with matted-hair encourage them
to break their vows; their tsvil deeds have bad consequences
such as famine, epidemics, and infant-mortality. (Therefore),
devotion (to them; is enough. Their disappointment does not
cause you any harm, You need not entertain doubts about
it                                                                          (39)
Give the guilty persons who deserve death three oppor-
tunities for begging pardon; but those whose flight is likely
to cause trouble must be put to death as soon as they are
caught.                                                                            (40)
Though the king is himself a brave warrior, lie must listen,
without impatience, to the brag of his warriors. By that,
they are greatly pleased. His object must be to manifest his
prowess through their brave deeds.                                    (£1)
A king should govern his ports so as to increase their
trade by encouraging the import of horses, elephants, gems,
sandal, pearls etc.; he should offer protection suited to the
conditions of their race to people who migrate from other
countries, owing to famine, pestilence, and (other) calamities ;
—he should send his faithful servants to superintend his
gardens, cattle pe;*s und mines.                                         (£2)
lake an archer, who, holding the arrow steadily (in the
bow), discharges it when he feels sure of his mark, a king abonlii;
control Ms wrath against a criminal until the circumstances
become favourable for his destruction.                               (43)